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Children's Health& Nutrition

Children's Health & Nutrition

In order for a child to have a happy outlook on life he or she should be healthy. Some ways to keep your child healthy include feeding them a nutritious diet, taking them to the doctor for check-ups regularly, and making sure they get enough exercise. A healthy child is a happy child. Children should eat a variety of foods from each food group to get the nutrition they need. Fast food and junk foods should be eaten sparingly. Children should be encouraged to choose healthy snacks early in life. If they start early, they will develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

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Babies & Toddlers

It's very important to monitor your child's health in their early years. If you want to catch any adverse medical condition early it is imperative for your child to have regular check-ups. When you take them to the doctor they can examine them, perform tests, and give them vaccinations. If they find any illness the doctor can begin treatment right away, helping to ensure that your child recovers and goes on to live a healthy life. It is also important for babies and toddlers to eat a balanced diet that provides nutrients, such as minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.  Babies & toddlers need to eat an adequate number of calories for growth. 

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Ages 5 through 12

School age children benefit greatly from nutritious food, adequate sleep, and physical activity. They ideally need at least 8 hours of sleep, and an hour of exercise a day to help them build healthy bones and strengthen the muscles. 
During these ages they will encounter a myriad of minor illnesses, and injuries such as cuts, scrapes, infections, stomach aches, fevers, and colds. Fortunately, young children are resilient, they soon recover with proper care from a doctor, or nurse and mom. School age children can be taught to choose healthy snacks and to eat nutritious meals, especially if they see you and the other adults in their life doing the same.
The key is to stay consistent. You can help them break unhealthy eating habits before they start.

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Teenagers of course need proper medical care as well as younger children. They may have issues with acne, sprains and strains, or eating disorders. Some teenager's health may start to resemble that of an adult; they have been known to suffer from obesity, depression, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Poor health is becoming more prevalent in teenagers today because of a sedentary lifestyle. Teens should be encouraged to play sports, or to engage in other physical activity. If they learn good health habits as a young child, the lessons will carry over into the teenage years and early adulthood. Getting your teenager to eat a balanced diet could be very hard. They usually want to hang out with friends and eat junk food. But you can do your part in supporting their nutritional needs by offering healthy snacks, and meals when they are at home. You can also give them vitamin supplements to augment their intake of the vitamins and minerals that they need.