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Being a teenager is one of the most difficult times of life.  Teenagers are trying to figure out their identity and try to fit in with others in their age group.  Trying to get them to pay attention to school work can be  daunting task since thay don't seem to have an interest in anything you have to say. 

Teaching Teenagers
If you are new to teaching, then adjusting to dealing with teenagers could be a very difficult and challenging experience.  You should give the impression that you are knowledgeable in the lessons and that you are there to help them.  
When teaching teenagers you should incorporate pop culture into your lessons to make it more interesting.  Some experts said that a teen’s attention span could last as long as 5 minutes.  But with numerous and different kinds of media around us, the attention span of teens are continuously decreasing. What better way to capture your student’s interest other than using medium that they really like. For example: songs, sports and other kind of entertainment.  

Aside from using different kinds of media for instruction, you could also use fillers or ice breakers like interactive activities or games in class. This would snap them out of their daydreaming and put them back into their lessons.  
Some teachers just teach or instruct their students, not fostering any kind of active participation.  It would be surprising for you to know that teenagers know a lot about many different subjects.  So, allow your child to bring their knowledge inside the classroom.  
Give them the opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves. With any age child positive reinforcement means a lot.  So give them a pat in the back for a job well done.  

Teaching, regardless of what level, is a very rewarding experience.  But do not get too discouraged if your expectations are not met, or they are not responding in the manner that you hope that they would.  They may not say it, but you may be leaving a huge impact on their lives and giving them a better future.